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Established in 1976, KKR is a leading global investment firm with over 40 years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge, sophisticated processes, and a strong track record of performance.* KKR’s “One Firm Approach” allows it to leverage the best investment insights from across the firm on behalf of its clients.

KKR’s culture of innovation promotes the importance of finding solutions for investors in a rapidly evolving investment landscape.

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*Past Performance is no guarantee of future results.

An Alternative View

Invested in Tomorrow, Today

For more than 40 years, on behalf of and alongside its clients, KKR has invested in companies and in their futures. Over the years, the firm has grown and so has its understanding of what it means to be a leading investor. Regardless of investment strategy or geography, KKR is committed to meeting investors’ primary goal: realizing strong, risk-adjusted returns.

The KKR Difference

KKR’s business model marries third party capital with its capital markets business and balance sheet, which results in a differentiated way of doing business. KKR’s capital markets business provides a full range of services, from taking companies public to underwriting new deals, and to syndicating debt and equity. Additionally, KKR has long-dated capital in its funds, ready to deploy across various asset classes. Individually, these funds and businesses are generating returns for KKR’s stakeholders, but they also create a powerful competitive advantage when paired together.

Culture of Collaboration

Collaboration has always been an important pillar for an individual’s success at KKR. Employees at the firm are compensated based on their leadership, performance and skillset, and their adherence to KKR’s values, which include a high bar on accountability and connectivity to each other to investors. From the day that Henry Kravis and George Roberts co-founded KKR, they’ve prioritized partnership, integrity, trust, and accountability as essential elements for the DNA of KKR.