How it Works

The Artivest platform elevates the investing experience for investors, advisors, and funds.

Evaluate a Fund

Decide if a fund is right for you. With Artivest's Fund Experience, you'll learn about each fund's strategy, team, performance, portfolio benefits, and risks associated with investing.

Deeper Dive

Explore the document center for important fund documents and additional investment details. Given the sensitive nature of these materials, they are only shared with members seriously interested in investing in the fund.

Request an Allocation

Indicate your interest in a fund by clicking "Request an Allocation." The earlier you indicate your interest, the more likely you are to be granted your full request.

Make your Investment

Once Artivest confirms your allocation, complete and submit the necessary documents online. We know paperwork can be overwhelming--our goal is to keep it as simple and automated as possible.

Monitor your Investment

Use your investment dashboard to stay updated on the latest fund performance and capital call details.