World Cup Hedge Fund Giants

June 27, 2014

The World Cup has captured the attention of millions world-wide, and now that the United States has advanced to the round of 16, it will gain even more attention here at home.

In the same way, when you walk down the street people just can’t stop talking about investing.

All you hear about in the coffee shop nowadays has something to do with “alpha and beta” and “diversification” and “horizon IRR”.

Next week, when the quarterly numbers for hedge funds are announced, there will be cheers nationwide. There will be celebrations in the streets. People will stand up in their seats and scream “yes!”

And why shouldn’t they?

Kicking a ball around a field while running is pretty damn hard.

But navigating global markets? Predicting the future?

That stuff is rocket science.

It makes sense that hedge fund giants have more name recognition than the Babe Ruth of football. They do abracadabra-like magic to make more money out of money.

Right? RIGHT???

Ok fine, the truth is people don’t spend much time thinking about hedge funds or even their own portfolios. They care much more about soccer or tennis or celebrity magazines. They care about having fun, listening to music, laughing and having coffee with friends.

They cheer for the home team because that’s just better. It’s fun.

Investing is boring. Dry. Most of the time people do it poorly or mediocrely and people don’t care enough or know enough to tell the difference. And telling the difference is such a headache.

As a result, most people don’t know who the greatest hedge fund players are. The world of alternatives is a distant land that most haven’t even heard about. And if they have it’s been in passing conversation. Forgotten as soon as it was heard.

So what?

Fair enough. Except that even if people don’t care about investing or the markets, the truth is they have to do something with their money. Everyone does.

When you come home from the game. And turn off the TV screen.

When the U.S. goes home champions to the surprise of the world on July 16th, everyone’s money will be doing something. Or not. For better or worse, it will be invested well or managed poorly and the whole boring world of investing will be making a big impact on all the people out there. Whether they like it or not.

The thing is, great investing can make a difference in people’s lives by helping them to make the most of the resources they have. Over a long period of time, it can really add up.

And as it stands, the best investing in the world is typically found in hedge funds or other alternative investment firms. Out of reach and inaccessible to most.

At Artivest, we’re on a long-term journey to create access to this asset class. Change takes time and for now we’re staying private to build towards this vision. But before long, we’ll open up this world to a wider audience.

Because even if hedge fund giants aren’t as interesting as the World Cup, their great investing should be just as accessible to a world-wide audience. 

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