IGNITE 2019: The Inaugural Artivest Alternative Investment Summit

April 10, 2019

For decades, institutional-grade alternatives were within reach of just the largest stewards of capital: giant pension plans, sovereign wealth funds and institutional endowments and foundations. Today, advances in financial technology and industry shifts have sparked seismic change.

What’s changed? Everything.

Alternative fund investment minimums stand at a fraction of seven figures. A slow, paper-heavy $13 trillion industry has been set into motion as it moves from analog to digital, and shifts into hypergrowth. Doors have opened for not just Wall Street’s weighty few, but a new universe of intermediaries and qualified individual investors. Top-ranked alternative managers are looking downstream to stir up new sources of capital. Frictionless private fund subscriptions take hours instead of months. “Niche” strategies are illuminating new sources of alpha and yield. Operational improvements are enlivening the entire alternatives ecosystem, making it far more accessible. A bright new era of alternative investing has arrived.

Summit by the Numbers


Wealth Management Firms


Asset managers




Trillion in assets

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